TradeShark Diary, 26th April 2020

We had a quiet Saturday. A very quiet Saturday. It was the first day of Sue’s holiday. By 12:30 we were watching Oliver. I can’t stand musicals. She caught me off guard. I need to be sharper than that.


We spent a lot of the afternoon in the garden chatting about old times. Someone told her about a garden centre that was delivering pretty quickly. I agreed to get MORE bedding plants and compost. I spent 5 minutes looking for the “add to basket” button. The sun was shining on the screen which didn’t help. Then I realised that you had to email them with your order. So that will cost me another 50 quid although it should be free delivery. I haven’t heard back from them yet though. Hopefully I’ll hear something on Monday.

Sue made us a steak tea. A very good job she made of it too. One of the best steaks I’ve had for a while.

The plan was that after the meal we were going to watch a film. I found a couple on Netflix that seemed ok although by the time we sat down to watch I had forgotten the name of one of them. We started watching “Time Trap”. It looked like it might be OK but Sue was struggling to stay awake. It was almost 11 pm. I told her I didn’t mind if she went to bed.

I took the dogs out. We saw 3 foxes and failed to get any of them on camera. I saw a couple of bats but they kept a low profile once I had the camera recording. Typical.

This morning I woke at 6. Not sure why as I hadn’t got to bed until almost 1 am.

We Facetimed the grand kids around 11 am. Our daughter mentioned that it was going to rain later. I wanted to do a little more on the front garden. When we finished the called I went out to crack on with it. I moved the old wooden edging to have it down the side of the path. The garden looks a lot bigger now the bushes have gone. I weeded the area. There actually weren’t many weeds. By the time I had cleared up I had been out there a couple of hours. Now I need some weedkiller to make sure nothing comes up through the membrane (if thats the right word) and whatever I decide to cover the area with. Gravel or wood chippings maybe. I haven’t decided.

It is 6 pm now and it isn’t raining. It clouded over a few hours ago and the temperature obviously dropped. It sounds like the neighbours are gearing up for yet another party. We think they may have had a warning from the police as they have been quite for a couple of days.

We’re just settling down for a night in front of the TV.

If anyone tried to sign up for the Coronavirus offer at the Paypal link is now fixed. I think I cocked it up on Friday!

Stay safe.

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