Tradeshark Diary, 28th April 2020

Yesterday I recorded a new commentary for a live webinar that I did 10 years ago. It was recorded a month or so after I started trading full time. The state of my trading back then was, er, interesting. Let’s just say I have learned a LOT in the last 10 years. When I started trading I found ways to consistently make money and was making £1500 to £2000 a week when I traded full time.


Having watched the 2 hour webinar I can see why my head turned to mush when I had some family issues quite soon after leaving my job. It was quite a stressful style of trading as I seemed to search for the shittest value I could find before I entered the market.

When I recorded the new commentary the sound on the original recording was quite low. It wasn’t until it was uploaded to Youtube that I realised the original audio drowned out the new commentary in places. I have spent most of today adding subtitles to the parts where I couldn’t be heard properly. It has been a very long job. For some of my comments I struggled to work out what I said! I still have the last few minutes to complete. The auto subtitles struggle to understand me.

subtitle mistake
My 2010 self and the 2020 version were talking at the same time

Tomorrow we are moving the furniture in the bedroom around. Sue has drawn a plan. I asked if she had measured anything. I got a blank look. I gave an example of the wardrobe. On the plan it is going behind the door but it’s quite deep and may not fit. I wish we had as much room as we appear to have on her plan. She thinks it is going to take all day. It isn’t.

Not a lot else going on. The police knocked on our door this evening. They were trying to get hold of our neighbour but no one was answering the door. As I was talking to the copper the neighbour’s door opened. The little girl had dialled 999. The mum came downstairs to 4 police officers standing in her hallway. The kid’s phone has been confiscated.

Stay safe.

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