TradeShark Diary, 29th August 2020

It has been an interesting first month since the main tours resumed. The tennis on the whole has been good for trading. It has been fairly easy to get back into the swing of things. Not just with the trading but in getting the trading email written and sent out. I had kept myself busy during the lockdown so it wasn’t as if I was going from 0 to 60 from the 3rd of August.

yesterday afternoon I did a live webinar with Tony Hargraves to look at the US Open draws. I haven’t had much feedback so far but it seemed to go OK. I’ll put a link to the recording at the end of this post.

On the WTA tournaments page there is a tournament in Prague that starts today. You don’t usually get another main tour event running alongside the slams. That would be a pain as I guarantee to cover all main tour matches for the trading email. The tournament starts this morning. I was looking through the long list of matches and it looked more like an ITF or Challenger standard of players. Tennis 24 and Tennis Insight both listed it as a Challenger. It seems the tournament is being funded by the USTA to give lower ranked players the chance to earn some prize money as they have not had the qualifying rounds at the US Open. Excellent! I won’t be covering those then.

On one of the dog walk routes I pass an area of trees that have recently been cut down by the council. I aw them doing it one day this week as I drove past. it was one of the days with horrendous winds and the smaller branches were blowing all over the road. Anyway when I drove past the next day I noticed tat they had cut a lot of the trees into logs. They would look great as edgings at the bottom of the front garden where the gravel area meets the hedge.

On the walk last night I had a detour to have a look at the logs. A lot of them have been taken but there is a pile left. A couple of the bigger logs would look great in the garden. Sue’s working so I’ll be dropping her off around 6:30am. I’ll stop off on the way home and stick a couple of the logs in the car.

I have a busy few weeks from tomorrow. I’ll be making a start on the US open first round matches for the trading email. I’ll try to have a bit of a chill out day today.

I didn’t have much luck with the dent in my car. The hot water and dent puller tool (basically a mini sink plunger) have improved it a little. I haven’t given up yet. I saw another tool on youtube! You glue plastic tabs onto the dent and use something called a slide hammer to pull the dent. Then use alcohol to remove the glue from your paint. it looks ideal for the small dent i have. It arrives tomorrow. I love gadgets and can’t wait to try it.

Just a reminded that i won’t be doing my usual Youtube videos during the slams. if you want trading advice on the US Open visit

Here is the link to the Tony Hargraves webinar.

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