TradeShark Diary, 2nd July 2020

There hasn’t been much news in the last couple of days. Some good news is that we are now just a month away from the main tour tennis events starting up again! The WTA are first with Palermo in Italy. The WTA website also shows two tournaments in America for that week. The Citi Open in Washington has “Pending” next to it and there is also the Mubadala Silicon Valley Classic in California. California is one of the worst places in America in terms of Covid-19 cases so that one has to be doubtful.

In the last 2 days I have traded the WTA matches in the Czech Republic Tipsport Elite Classic exhibition. Top players were taking part and the matches were excellent to trade. I had intended to post advice for today’s matches there but the event seems to have ended! There are some good looking matches in America tomorrow evening that I will post about as long as they are not messing with the rules too much.

There are now only 3 patients on the Covid-19 ward in Worcester hospital. The end of all this crap is in sight. The pub’s open on Saturday. I won’t be going as I can see people going a bit crazy. From a selfish point of view it might move the idiots away from the street for a few hours.

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