TradeShark Diary, 31st January 2021

Well, it’s been a while. Lots going on and only some of it I can tell you about. The big thing is that the main tour tennis is back! Australian tournaments obviously means some late nights. There are four tournaments on at the minute and we will be adding the ATP Cup and the new tournament that’s been added for the diseased players who are in full lockdown. I think they start on Wednesday. Someone on Twitter said that on Wednesday there will be 98 matches. I don’t think there will be but thanks for the heads up!

I have had a busy weekend compiling the Trading Tips emails. There were around 40 matches yesterday including the Challengers and I think 48 today. That has been 2 full shifts and that’s before I even trade a match! I’m a little limited as to how late I can stay up for the next couple of days. Sue is working in the morning so I’ll be up at 6 am to take her and she is finally getting her Covid Vaccination on Tuesday morning on the other side of town. That’s looking like 4 hours sleep a night.

The copyright scammers are back. I got another series of emails from them starting a couple of months ago. It’s clearly the same lot as their emails have the same errors in them. You would think that when I ignored them completely the last time that they would cross me off their list. We’re at the lawyer’s letters stage. You would think a national law firm would be able to set out an email properly. You would also think that the Senior Partner would check his email signature. As in the emails I received last time his signature claims that they are a “National Law.” Can an individual BE a national law? If he had checked it properly he would also have noticed that the url of his website was incorrect.

This time there was an extra mistake. it was in the first email which said that they represent AFP. Agence France-Presse are a national news agency. However in their email the scammers claim that their client, AFP, is a freelance photographer who makes their living selling photographs. I don’t think I’ll pay up just yet.

Last week I noticed that I had a fair bit of extra traffic to the Trading Guide website. My stats just showed it as coming from Facebook. Obviously SOMONE was saying nice things about me, or maybe horrible things. All publicity is good publicity. I asked in the Telegram chat and it turns out I was mentioned in some Betfair trading group. Someone copied and pasted some of the conversation. The vast majority was fairly complementary but there were a few dinosaurs in there. The type who were around when I was trying to learn trading. The ones who didn’t like anyone sharing information or advice on how to trade. There were phrases that I haven’t heard since the bad old days.

There were people in there who said they had read the guide years ago and it was pretty basic. Cheek! Oh hang on it IS a beginners guide and when I released the first version I had only been trading 6 months! Maybe they think I haven’t been updating it in the last 11 years. The fossils, who I can pretty much guarantee occupied the Betfair tennis forum, still haven’t got over the fact that their “secrets” might become known to newbies. They haven’t mellowed from spending an extra few years stuck in their bedrooms telling anyone who will listen how great they are at trading. Betfair really attracted some damaged individuals back then. I’d like to think that has changed at least a little.

Well, I have about 90 minutes before the tennis starts. I had better take the dogs out and then I’ll see if I can make a few bob before I have to get some sleep.

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