TradeShark Diary, 31st March 2020

I can see these posts getting shorter and shorter!

I finished going through the videos folder and organised it. I found a few clips that never made it to the site or to Youtube and put them into a new Out Takes video. You will find it at .

The supermarkets seem to be calming down a bit. Still long queues in the morning though they are made to look worse than they are due to everyone having to be 2 metres apart. They also only let you in when someone else comes out. Its working pretty well to be fair. I went there around 5pm yesterday and there was no queue. The shelves are looking a bit better too. The toilet roll aisle was almost full! I bought a 9 pack. We didn’t really need it but it was a reflex action.


My Twitter account is still suspended. The appeal seems to be completely automated. I still haven’t had a reason for the suspension but am convinced it’s because I posted a link which included the word coronavirus. Fair enough but if a real human looked at my appeal it wouldn’t take long to see I was not spreading misinformation or similar garbage. Three days and counting. It probably isn’t a long time to be honest although it would be nice if you got some sort of update.

I read on another site that having your Twitter account suspended meant that you suddenly had a lot of extra free time. Well, not really. I have spend more time googling how I can get my account unsuspended than I ever actually spend on Twitter! I have come to the conclusion that I just have to wait a week or so to see if anything happens. It’s not the worst time for it to be suspended I suppose.

I have set a new standby account just in case the old one never comes back.

Stay safe.

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