TradeShark Diary, 3rd May 2020

It’s been a quiet weekend so far. Most of Saturday was spent watching films although I did trade a few of the Belarus football matches. They like their first half goals! There were tennis matches on in the German exhibition but as I am spending weekends with Sue I am not at my desk. I need to concentrate when trading tennis.


I did hear from the garden centre that I have ordered some plants and compost from. They have picked the order and sent me a photo of the receipt along with a payment link. The order wasn’t exactly what I had emailed to them but looking through it we are getting more for our money. We are also getting an extra bag of compost for virtually no more money. Now I just have to wait for the delivery. I’m hopeful for Monday!

I took the dogs out around 10:30 pm. We bumped into our Nemesis. Corgi Man! He is in his 60’s and never has his corgi on a lead. The dog is out of control and always runs up to my dogs and bounces around them. I had a bit of a battle with this twat a couple of years ago. My dogs would be so stressed by not being able to get at this dog that the rest of the walk would be spent calming them down.

My comments to him escalated over a few months from, “You need to put your dog on a lead” to, “Get your fucking dog under control or I will!” I finally got through to him when our meeting was right outside his house. He again allowed his dog to approach us and wind my 2 up. I was pulled into the street in front of a car. He was stood in the road laughing. I must admit I flipped. I yelled at him that he was a fucking ignorant old twat and that he wasn’t fit to own a dog. All his neighbours came to their windows and he was finally embarrassed. From that night he started to change his ways. The dog is still never on a lead but he at least now tries to keep it away from us, sometimes picking his dog up. That’s all I wanted. Before he would laugh when other people’s dogs got stressed out because of his mutt.

Last night we bumped into one another coming round a corner. He didn’t have time to call Jacko back (not that Jacko takes the slightest notice). I had seen Jacko’s flashing red lights on his collar and quickly shortened the leads on my dogs. I just kept walking. Since he has tried to make an effort to keep Jacko awy we have had a few chats over the last few months although his only topics of conversation are about how nice an evening it is ( even if it’s pissing down ) and about how’s the tennis going?

Today has been more of the same really. A little more profit from the Belarus matches. I’m up £1k in the last few days with reduced stakes. Not too shabby.

We Facetimed the grand kids this morning. Our daughter seems to be doing pretty well with the home schooling.

Sue was chatting to one of the neighbours on Facebook and apparently there is a street party planned for tomorrow afternoon! What the hell?? Friday is VE day and there is a minute’s silence at 11am and something else at 3 pm (a toast?). I think tomorrow’s “party” will just be the group of 3 houses who have had parties most nights. They’re just moving it into the front gardens now. Unbelievable!

Stay safe.

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