TradeShark Diary, 4th May 2020

I have managed to resist posting anything on Twitter using the phrase, “May the fourth be with you”. Its the first time in years. I only have 190 follower on the new Twitter account. Hardly seems worth it.

No sign of the street party that Facebook claimed was going on this afternoon. I suspect the police had been tipped off as they sent a van onto the estate around 1:30 pm. It is probably going to be happening on Friday for VE day. People are being encouraged to decorate their houses with bunting and flags. Eighty percent of the houses up here don’t even put Christmas lights up. I can’t see many wasting money or effort on bunting.


I need to decide which camera to get. The wildlife were taking the piss last night. We must have seen 6 foxes and quite a few bats. At one point I would have had an amazing shot of a fox and a bat in the same shot. Maybe I should get a gun instead. A bit later a fox bolted out of the bushes about 12 feet in front of us. It ran across the road and then stopped to watch us. Once I had calmed Charlie down we carried on down the road but when I turned round the fox was following us. I might give up on trying to capture video and aim for still shots instead.

I traded one of the Tennis Point Exhibition matches this morning. I didn’t fancy Dustin Brown to have an easy match. I got an earlyish lay in at 1.32. He lost the set and went an early break behind in set 2. I got out way too early but still took a healthy profit. There were play off matches later which Betfair hadn’t bothered to put up markets for. The 2:30 Turkmenistan match looked like having a few goals and there were 3 in the first half.

I think I’ll call it a day and do some camera shopping on amazon in the garden.

There is a Swiss firm who have come up with an antibody test that they claim is 100% accurate. It has already been licensed in America and they reckon they can get tens of millions out by next month. Things are developing so quickly. I have always thought the antibody test would be a huge step on the road to normality.

Stay safe.

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