TradeShark Diary, 5th May 2020

The first delivery of plants arrived at lunchtime. I had an email this morning to say they were on their way so Sue started preparing all the pots, planters and hanging baskets. I’m glad we got some before she goes back to work on Friday. The anticipation of her next shift always affects her mood and as she has been off for almost 2 weeks she welcomed having something to concentrate on.

I have had a quiet day so far. I have 1 more webinar from 2010 to add a commentary to. I’m sure I did another one but I can’t find it. I certainly remember doing a live stream in which I had around £95 profit and tried and failed to top it up to £100! I can’t imagine that I live streamed without recording. I looked through an old hard drive without any luck.

I did find a few photos that brought back memories. This one of Charlie as a pup. Shortly before I walked in he had gone into the kitchen where Sue was with some bits hanging out of his mouth. She thought he had eaten the sofa!

Charlie ate his bed

No tennis worth trading until Friday and just the one Turkmenistan match. The over 2.5 goals markets have been a bit strange on those matches with the price staying pretty static for a long time.

I keep getting emails from copywriters offering to make my site more compelling. Cheek! It’s converting really well. I did spend a little time this afternoon googling copy tips and tricks. I’ve made a couple of small tweaks but overall I think it’s doing a great job.

That’s it for today. Stay safe.

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