TradeShark Diary – 6th March 2020

I am still on the normal entries rather than video. My laptop is playing up a bit. It’s not surprising. I use a laptop rather than a desktop as i like the flexibility of being able to take everything with me when needed. I am running 2 24 inch monitors off it so when I add a camera and microphone into the mix I need to pretty much close everything else down to make a video or record my screen. Not ideal.

I looked at desktops to run along side the laptop but in the end have gone with a second laptop. I still have my 2 old monitors. So potentially I will have 6 screens available.

The new Trading Guide sales page is a real improvement on the old one. I used to think the old site converted sales pretty well but the new version is 3 to 4 times better. Its only been 3 weeks since all the SEO stuff has been in place so I suppose it might be a flash in the pan. Quite a long flash though so fingers crossed. I never really bothered with optimising the old site. It seemed to be ticking along quite well on its own. The hard thing with the new site is that I now have to leave it alone. SEO doesn’t work quickly.

The new laptop arrives tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be set up quickly and might try the video diary to show the new set up.

I was called a spammer this week! I send out around 10 -12 tweets a day letting people know about the trading guide and the blog etc. So someone followed me and then sent the 1 word tweet, “Spammer”. Hang on, YOU followed ME. Isn’t that a bit like coming to my house, knocking on my front door while screaming, ” I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO YOU!” and then walking off?

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