TradeShark Diary, 8th August 2020

It’s been really quiet round here for weeks. That ended yesterday when the party house sprang back into action. The music could be heard 2 streets away as I found out when I took the dogs for their walk. That wasn’t enough for them though. They added shouts and screams and for good measure added a microphone. They do kids parties so have a professional sound system.

When I took the dogs out I bumped into a posse in the next street. I say posse but I don’t think any of the 8 people gathered in a huddle were under 70. When they saw me they asked if I lived near the party house. Oh God yes. One of the guys was talking about them “tooling up” with baseball bats. I think maybe he had been overdoing the gangster films. Looking at his gang I doubted more than a couple could lift a baseball bat above waist height. I left them to it.

When I walked through that street on the way home there was no sign of Marlon and the Brando bunch. I couldn’t hear screams coming from the party house so I guessed they hadn’t all grabbed a bat. Hopefully they complain to the landlord.

The music came back on this evening but as I write this at almost 9 pm I can’t hear anything from over there.

We went to see the grandkids on Friday. Sue took a load of picnic stuff. I dropped her off in the morning and thought they were saving me some for when I got there later. They ate the lot! I played with the kids in the garden. The 6 year old likes setting down the rules for whatever we play.

“You be the dad, I’ll be the mum and Ivy can be the baby”

Now Ivy is getting a bit older she has started to do the same.

“You be Branch, I’ll be the bad guy and Ella is Poppy”

Eh? The first time she said it I thought she was telling me to be a tree. I told her I didn’t who Branch was. Ivy started stropping and pretending to cry. There are never any tears but its a good performance. It must work on her mum as she keeps doing it. I asked Ella to help me out.

“What does she mean? Who is Branch?”

“I don’t know”

She did bloody know but Ella wanted to play by HER rules. If she didn’t help me I couldn’t play Ivy’s game. Then Ivy started shouting something over and over and making this sign with both hands.

TradeShark Diary, 8th August 2020 1

Apparently its from the Trolls movie. She kept that up for the next 20 minutes.

Other than the trading not a lot else has happened. The car needed 3 new tyres. I used Tyres On The Drive. I had used them once before and the guy had been excellent. The guy this time could barely string a sentence together. To be fair he did what he was being paid to do really well but I left him to it. I had stuck the car on next door’s drive as she was away. I had asked her if I could use it. That way I could keep an eye on the guy from my desk.My drive is round the back. Next to the party house. When he arrived the guy’s head nearly exploded because the car wasn’t at the address that he had been given. I told him I had used the neighbours drive just to confuse him which was met with a blank look and a slack jaw. I decided against chatting to him while he worked. Its a good service though.

That’s about all I have for now. I have the house to myself tomorrow.

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Stay safe.

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