TradeShark Diary 9th February 2020

It has been a fairly standard week. The 3 ATP tournaments were all ATP250’s so top players were thin on the ground. That doesn’t really cause many problems to traders in WTA tournaments but for the ATP it feels like you have to work a bit harder for your profits. You get a few more unexpected results.

The storm that was forecast seems to be building. The wind sounds pretty strong. When I took the dogs out around 10:30 last night it wasn’t a pleasant walk with the wind straight into your face. Today the winds seems much stronger and you can feel it battering the house yet nothing on the street is getting blown around. Usually when we have high winds you will see wheelie bins and kids toys blowing up the road. That doesn’t seem to be happening. Weird as it sounds like the house could blow over!

I have made some changes to the sales page. I’m always messing about with one or all of the sites. I also have My SEO education continued this week. I looked on a site called the wayback machine. It shows you versions of sites from the past. Looking at mine showed me the SEO side of things (site title and description) barely changed in many years. I’m starting to understand what Google is looking for. If they don’t “like” your title and description they make one up based on old descriptions or from content in your pages. Sometimes what they choose better matches the search term that the searcher used but I would rather be in control of what shows up next to my site in Google searches.

Having a bit of a chill out day. Not really up to much. It’s good to give my brain a rest from tennis for a a few hours after I have completed the trading tips email obviously!

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