TradeShark Diary – Sat 26th October

It has been a pretty good week.

I thought I had finally got to the bottom of the irritating site issues. I don’t mean the ones caused by me making changes to the site. I had pretty much thrown everything at it to get page loading speed higher. I have been through everything and removed things that weren’t actually adding anything either to the usability of the site or to the performance.

I was going through the settings on the caching plugin and noticed something that didn’t look right.  I changed the setting and it was like opening a tap. The speed scores rocketed. On Google’s PageSpeed Insights page my desktop speed was around 95/100 which I was happy with. On the mobile version it was hitting around 75/100.  After changing this setting the desktop speed is at 100 and the mobile between 95 and 100! Job done!

I have been using Cloudflare which is a service that claims to speed up your website. It was a lot of hassle to set up but as the speed seemed to improve it was worth it. In the last 2 or 3 days there has been a problem with Cloudflare being blocked by my main hosting company and the blog and sales sites went down just after 4 am. I asked my hosting company if anything happened at their end at 4 am but didn’t get much help.

This afternoon I read a site that claimed that Cloudflare didn’t help their site and actually hurt their seo ranking. I have switched off the Cloudflare service and the page speed is the same! So that’s something else I can bin off.  I guess I will find out in the morning if it was Cloudflare causing the 4am problems.

I haven’t heard anything more from the copyright bullshitters. it did cause a little friction at Shark Towers earlier in the week. I was telling my wife about the latest email and she started to get upset. I asked her what was wrong and she said that she was really worried that the stress of my work would kill me.


I told her I can do my job in my sleep (which is just as well sometimes!). She said that I get really stressed when the sites go down. I’ll give her that one. I hate when the sites are down. It looks really bad. If someone has just signed up and then can’t access what they paid for they aren’t going to be impressed. Also if someone finds the site for the first time they probably won’t be back. Often site issues are something I need someone else to sort out, usually at the hosting company, and I hate relying on other people as they never have the same sense of urgency that I do.

She also said that I am really stressed about this copyright situation.

No I’m not!

Yes you are. You keep telling me about it. It’s obviously bothering you.

I explained that when I had the first email I was very concerned as I had not heard about this scam or the aggressive way that Higbee chased people. I also explained that as I had more emails and spotted the inconsistencies and errors etc that I got less and less concerned.

She wasn’t listening. Once she gets an idea in her head she won’t let it go, especially if she has had a drink. After about an hour I said, “Fine! get stressed about me being stressed about something that I’m NOT stressed about!”. Eventually she got it. Jesus if I wasn’t stressed before I was now!

Relaxing evening planned.

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