Trading Services – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

In 2009 I set up the TradeShark Tennis service. Since then I have seen so many trading products and services that promised the Earth but just couldn’t hack it. There is a lot of work involved and sometimes it seems like it isn’t worth it.

So after a few months they disappear leaving their members high and dry, assuming they offered anything in the way of customer service in the first place.

There are always wannabes who pop up with a trading product but what they lack is experience. It is also very rare to find a service run by people with real world training skills.

For 20 years I worked in food retail with most of those years being as store manager. I also trained as a personnel manager. A large part of my job was in training and coaching my teams. In retail you work with  a wide range of people and I could be training a new checkout operator one day and a new area manager the next. There are always other ways to explain the same topic and a good trainer understands this and can quickly match the training to the individual.

My Trading Guide is suitable for beginners and the support and coaching can take your trading as far as you want it to. Obviously you have to put the work in but it so much easier with someone behind you offering advice and encouragement.

If you want a lot of fluff and nonsense then it isn’t for you. If you are looking for a service that doesn’t make false promises and actually delivers what it does promise then you are in the right place.

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