Update – Betfair tennis expert by “Dr” Matt Abraham

A couple of weeks ago I posted about this system and about how the tennis section appeared to be copied from my own site.

The CashMaster Blog had been approached by Abraham to review his systems and service. As they had previously reviewed mine it seemed to make sense for them to compare the two offerings. CashMaster had 2 different reviewers on the 2 products and so any similarities hadn’t been picked up but when I contacted them they put them side by side. The screen shots are taken from an email sent to both myself and Abraham.

One thing I have just noticed is that his names for the strats are better than mine. Maybe I should nick them….hmmm.

I did contact clickbank who allow him to sell this product but they weren’t interested unless I could prove breach of copyright, which of course I can’t. There are only so many ways to trade a tennis match and the basic strategies cannot  really be claimed by anyone but when someone copies my rules that need to be applied to the strategies and also copy part of it WORD for WORD I think I am justified in being a little pissed off.

After I had contacted Clickbank the Dr did contact me and perhaps had a pang of guilt as he offered to send me some subscribers! I know if the roles were reversed and he had complained that I had copied his work ( and if I knew I was in the right ) that I would have told him to take a running jump. I certainly wouldn’t have offered to sell some products for him!

I did ask the Dr to explain why part of his system was word for word the same as mine and as yet haven’t had a reply, although it was only 2 or 3 days ago.

As I have had a little extra time on my hand lately I have spent a little of it looking for sites promoting his product and educating the website owner about the origins of the information they were recommending. Naturally some of them were affiliates ( a lot of them used the same wording for the “review”) but I don’t think that my time was wasted as in the good Dr’s words,

“Paul is doing a very good job of damaging my name on the internet but there are also positive reviews around”

……am I??   Really????    Shit, sorry mate.

So what do we learn from this? Err nothing that we didn’t know already.

1- Clickbank aren’t interested if the products they sell are not the author’s own work, as long as you can’t prove it legally.

2- There are people out there who are happy to use your words to make themselves some money

3- Just because someone  has “Dr” in front of their name it actually could mean SFA.

On a positive note I did get some good comments about the good Dr’s football tips so if you’re looking at his product with that in mind go for it. However if you’re looking for tennis assistance……………WHO YA GONNA CALL?

TradeShark   😉

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