US Mens Claycourt Championships – Thursday

20:00 – Blake v Cuevas

Rankings are 163 and 66.  They haven’t played before.

Cuevas has been in great form lately, even on hard courts. He loves the clay and I don’t see him having too many problems getting past the American.

Blake wouldn’t be playing this tournament if it wasn’t in America. He rarely plays clay tournaments since he dropped down the rankings.

As Blake has only played one match on clay in the last 12 months its hard to compare stats for the surface. However looking at stats for all surfaces over the last 3 months their serve stats are very similar with 81% and 79% holds. More significantly Cuevas’ return stats are better than the American’s. Return of serve is more important on clay in my opinion.

The crowd will obviously try to lift their man but I can only see a Cuevas win here.

Back Cuevas from the start. Green up after the first set.

Update: Cuevas won 7-5, 6-1.

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