US Open – March to the Quarter Finals

Before the tournament started I posted my predictions for who would reach the QFinals in the Mens tournament. I didn’t try to predict what the women would do. Any bloke who’s married knows that trying to work out what women are going to do is what the phrase, “pissing in the wind” was invented for.

So, I had the following players to go to the last 8:

Federer – didnt take an expert to pick that one!

Soderling or Davydenko – couldn’t choose between these 2. Soderling marches on as Davydenko retired after 3 sets.

Djokovic – still going strong. Has the easiest route to the QF

Roddick or Verdasco – Roddick had one of the toughest routes to the latter stages although i thought it would be Verdasco who would give him problems. As it turned out it was his fellow American, Isner  who knocked him out in 5 sets.  Verdasco despatched Isner last night in 4.

Nadal – straight forward progress up to this point although he now has a stomach muscle strain to add to his knee problems

Tsongo – still in there. Playing well

Del Potro – had a bit of a scrap in his last match but came through well

Murray – so far so good. he has come into the tournament with exactly the right attitude.

So my predictions are satanding up well. My outsider, Soderling is looking strong too!

Lets see if they can make the next step 🙂