Use of the “Wins a Set” list

This list works best as an in play trading tool. This is how I use it. The obvious method is to lay the player on the list if they lose the first set. As you get more confidence in the List you realise that so often the listed player will start strongly and especially so in more closely priced matches. I will often back a player from the start and take the profit when they trade lower. Perhaps another name for the list could be the “Will perform well” List!

One of my subscribers has come up with a very simple way of using the list. Mitja ( AKA Nordavind ) is currently testing the method but initial results are very encouraging with daily profits ranging from 100% to 380% of stake ( NOT roi ) daily using the full list.

He is monitoring the results and tweaking the method and I’d like to thank him for the work he is putting into this.

The basic method is shown on the Wins a Set subscribers page if people want to test it for themselves.


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