Wednesday 25th July

The Olympic factor is throwing up some interesting situations. For example Kohlschreiber’s price against the Hungarian qualifier has been pushed out to 1.70 . Now does that present us with an excellent price on a great tennis player or a good chance to lay a player who is about to tank the match to get to the Games? The truth is we don’t know. Obviously its understandable that Kohlschreiber wants to get to London in good time to prepare but is he more likely to tank this game or the next which might be more believable if he is challenged about it? One thing is certain. That market is going to go crazy in play!


Rosol may be Kohlschreiber’s opponent in the next round if the German decides to play it that way. Rosol won’t have an easy match though as Veic is in good form. Veic is better on return of serve so I expect it to be a close match and anything can happen the way tennis results are going lately but I expect Rosol to make it through in 2  tight sets.


Haase is another player who may be more interested in getting to London than in going deep into this tournament. However he won this tournament last year so you would think he won’t want to leave it too early. Local man Oswald was a surprise winner yesterday against Daniel Brands who, had he been in the Olympics team, you would have put his performance down to him throwing the match. In truth he played poorly and Oswald took full advantage.

I think a lay of Haase can be a good idea. Oswald will be confident and if he is able to get ahead I don’t think Haase will be too motivated to fight. If however Haase breaks early and looks like getting an easy win I expect him to stick with the match to limit the damage of the ranking points he will lose this week.



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