Wednesday night games

Midnight – Mannarino v Almagro

Rankings are 80 and 14. They have never played before.

Almagro had a tough first match against Hanescu but came through it well and looked motivated.

Mannarino is having the week of his life and beat Monaco and Clement. He has played 5 matched here this week with 3 matches in the qualification stage so may be running a little low on energy.

Almagro used to be known just as a clay courter but if he is up for the fight he can trouble anyone on hard surfaces. He has been making all the right noises in press conferences so lets hope he’s going all out for the victory today.

I’d say we have 2 options here. Either back Almagro on serve ( but dont trade his first service game) or back him from the start.

If Mannaroni loses the first set I think he’ll crumble in the second.

Update: I underestimated the young Frenchman. Almagro looked less than dominant and the first 2 sets were shared in tie breaks. It wasn’t until the third set when Mannarino started to tire and Almagro took advantage to win 7-6, 6-7, 6-3.

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