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Judging by the site stats there are a lot of people who have found this blog fairly recently. I have been getting quite a few emails asking about what’s on offer here.

I started the blog back in 2009 and initially it wasn’t intended to be public! I had intended the match previews to be displayed in a window on the members page but got the settings wrong and people started finding it.

Fast forward to 2017 and as well as free trading previews there are also free Shark Tips betting picks. You can these emailed to you each day if you let me know your username on the site.

If you are wanting learn how to make money trading tennis markets on Betfair there is the Trading Guide. This has been evolving since 2009 to keep up with changes in the markets. The Guide is aimed at new traders or people with trading experience in other sports. I have been training and coaching people for over 30 years and if I say so myself am pretty good at it!

Whilst the Guide is aimed at newbies the lifetime support that comes with it will help traders progress as their experience increases. I have mentored several people to be full time traders. You get all that for a one time payment of just £29!

Check out the Trading Guide page at www.tradesharktennis.com 


Then there are 2 other services. The main one is the Daily Trading Advice. I send you information, advice and predictions on EVERY main tour match EVERY day. Some of the useful information included is my own pricing of each favourite which helps to find value and I also highlight my preferred trades of the day.

The service has proved very popular and costs £20 per month although a 7 day option for £10 is available.

Note: You get 5 days FREE when you buy the Trading Guide!


For more information and to sign up please go to

Trading Advice Email


That just leaves the Wins a Set List. This isn’t too popular to be honest but as I use it myself I continue to make it available

Note that the Wins a Set list is included in the Daily Trading Advice.


The List is £10 per month.

For info and to sign up please visit

Wins a set List


If you have any questions about the site or services please email me at


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