Wimbledon Men's Final

Federer v Roddick

Head to head of 18-2 says it all! Roddick has always shown Fed way too much respect. His attitude changes when Fed is on the other side of the net. Both men have had a great tournament. Roddick has come through a couple of tough matches to get to the final but I just can’t see him making much of an impression today.

Fed showed against Karlovic that he doesn’t care how good his opponent’s serve is. When he is on his game, which he has been, he sees the ball so early that returning the bombs are like childs play.

Fed’s price is 1.12 . A Roddick break of serve would only push the price out to 1.30 at best. He needs a fast start to stand any chance. Does he think he can beat the master? Maybe for a set or 2 but by the 3rd set the result of thisone wont be in much doubt.

You could lay Fed at the start and green up after a few ticks but dont expect many. If Fed wins the first set then the price will never get above its starting point. The only hope for profit is a close 1st set and possible tie break.

Fed to win in 3 or 4 sets

Update: Wow, who saw THAT coming? Roddick certainly DID make an impression. Fed wasn’t at his best but that was probably due to Roddick’s serve. Fed never really got to grips with it and only broke serve once in 5 sets.

I, like everyone else judging by the market, thought that once Fed went 2 sets to 1 up that it was all over. All credit to Roddick for taking it into a deciding set.

What I found incredible was how both players kept their nerves in check and kept serving to a world class standard in the final set. Roddick had to serve to stay in the match 9 times and in the end what decided the match was Fed’s fitness and the fact that Roddick had 2 really tough matches before the final.

Laying Fed from the start gave an opportunity for a profit. I exited at 1.32  but wish I’d stay in longer!