Wimbledon Williams final

Great day for the Williams family. Their dad won’t watch the match and will be at home cutting the grass ( you’d think he could afford to pay someone to do that……..)

Head to head is 10-11 in Serena’s favour. Amazing that its so close, until you find out that their dad used to decide who was going to win and they shared out the victories! Don’t think that happens these days but if it does, its Venus’ turn.

That looks like being the outcome anyway. Venus was incredible in her semi against Safina, losing 1 game in the match. Serena had to battle to the end in a 3 setter. Hard to see Venus getting beaten and her price of 1.64 looks very very generous.

They obviously know each others game so there could be plenty of breaks of serve making this a good match for the 15-40 method. Possibly a 3 setter but more likely to be Venus in 2. Also she will be much more rested than her sister.

Should be a great match to watch 🙂

Update: Wow, could I have got that more wrong? I can’t remember a less exciting, uninspiring Wimbledon final. The crowd didnt care who won and I don’t think Venus did either.

Serena served well for the whole match whereas her sister fell apart in the second set. 

 Hopefully the Mens will be more entartaining tomorrow

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