World Tour Finals – Thursday

Federer v Fish:

Federer totally outplayed Nadal in the last match.

Fish gave up in the second set of his match with Tsonga.

No contest. I perhaps won’t even watch this one.  I see no reason for Federer to slip up here.


Update These are certainly WTF games. Fed won the first set 6-1 yet lost the second set. His main enemy at the moment seems to be boredom. He had the same problem against Tsonga and also recently against Monaco. It will potentially prevent him from again reaching world number 1 as you won’t be playing the elite players every match.

Federer won 6-1, 3-6, 6-3.


Nadal v Tsonga:

At least we have a game worth watching today.

Tsonga starts as favourite against a world number 2 who has been affected by illness. I think the price is an over reaction to Federer’s defeat of Nadal but whilst Nadal was lacking in energy a little I don’t think it would have made much difference as Federer played what must be one of the best matches of his life.

They played twice in 2011 with Tsonga winning on the Quenns Club grass and Nadal winning their last match in the Davis Cup on clay.

This a tough one to predict. Its easy to think that Nadal is a value pick at 2.28 against a player who can serve 4 aces in one game and 2 double faults in the next. Nadal is Mr Consistency usually but his A game relies on being able to chase down every ball and physically dominate the game. That won’t be at all easy today. He has also had a problem with his shoulder which prevented him training on Monday. He said that didn’t affect him against federer and felt “perfect” coming into that match.

I think if Nadal is anywhere near as fit as he claims then he will have enough to get through this match. Staying in this tournament as long as possible means so much to him he will die trying.

Tsonga loves the big stage and will relish the chance to beat Nadal here.

Nadal to win in 3 but I expect Tsonga to get off to the better start.

Update: Tsonga did make the netter start and was able to put pressure on the Nadal serve in most games during the first set. However they went to a tie break which tsonga won. Nadal was better in the second set and Tsonga’s level dropped. This allowed the Spaniard to level the match.

In the third it was close for the first  couple of games and then Nadal fell away. Excellent performance from Tsonga who won 7-6, 4-6, 6-3.

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  1. Nadal also is somehow injured with his shoulder ? if yes, than it is another risky trade like Djokovic yesterday.

    he claims he is fit to play, but with federer he has shown nothing to confirm his fitness ?

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