WTA Italian Open, Rome: Kuznetsova v Hercog

Kuznetsova’s form has lifted a little recently but Hercog is a tough opponent son clay

Kuznetsova 2.24, Hercog 1.78

Kuznetsova leads their previous matches 2-1. They last met in April this year in the quarter finals in Istanbul. Hercog won in 3 sets on clay. That was their only clay match.

Head to head info

Head to head info from Tennis Insight

Hercog has stronger overall results in the last 12 months and also in 2018. Her clay results in the last year are also better. She won 46 of 59 clay matches in the last 12 months. She has come through the qualifying rounds this week. She beat Krunic in straight sets in the last round.



Kuznetsova’s season hasn’t really got going yet. Her form has been weak. She improved a little in Istanbul and reached the quarter finals before falling to Hercog.

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