You don’t need huge wins to make it pay

Modest, consistent profits can build up to a respectable return. Often, settling for a smaller amount means less risk and less stress.


The screen shots are from my Betfair account for the last 3 days along with the matches traded. No real spectacular individual amounts but a worthwhile total. Also on Monday and Tuesday I missed a lot of games by being at work 😉


Edit: All these trades were done with stakes of £200


You don't need huge wins to make it pay 5

You don't need huge wins to make it pay 6

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2 thoughts on “You don’t need huge wins to make it pay”

  1. blank

    Well done with those trades.

    I do think, though, it can be misleading for new tennis traders to see these type of figures without knowing the stake size as they may think they can earn that sort of return from, say, £20 stakes.

    Being a new tennis trader myself I’m pleased with a 10 – 20% return from my trades which, using £20 stakes would be £2 – £4 per match. If your stake size is £1000 then I think my trading is better than yours (which I know it’s not) as you would be returning only up to 10%.

    Perhaps you could give your % return to allow us to compare our returns.

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