Battle of the Brits Exhibition, 30th July 2020

Six matches today.

EXHIBITION = REDUCED STAKES! Don’t worry the main tour returns on Monday!


Broady (1.74) v Lumsden (2)

Due to start at 11:30 am

Broady won their only previous meeting. That was indoors last week and she won in straight sets.

Overall results favour Broady in the last 12 months and also in 2020. Lumsden has better hard court results.

Broady has played 9 hard court matches during lockdown. She won 5 of them. She had more success in her 13 indoor matches. She won 11 of those. This week she lost to Sarah Beth Grey as a 1.48 favourite. She lost in straight sets.

Before this week Lumsden had only played 8 matches during Covid and all of them were indoors. She won 4 of them. This week she beat Alicia Barnett in a tight third set match tie break. She had started as slight favourite.

If this was being played indoors then I would give the edge to Broady but on hard courts Lumsden should be a little stronger.

Lay Broady around 1.40 to 1.50 and remove liability around 2.00. Back Lumsden if she loses set 1.


Burrage (2.12) v Dart (1.79)

Due to start at 11:30

This will be their first meeting.

Burrage has a much better win percentage in the last 12 months and also in 2020. She also leads on hard courts.

Dart has not played a match during the lockdown. She last played in an ITF tournament in Mexico. She lost easily on a hard court as strong favourite.

Burrage has played a few matches during the CoronaVirus break. She won her first 10 matches. Seven of those were on hard courts. She has played 2 more matches since then. One was a 3 set loss to Katie Boulter indoors. That was 2 weeks ago. Earlier this week she lost to Emma Raducanu in straight sets. They were priced evenly.

Dart starts as slight favourite but she has not made the best start to this season. We have some value on Burrage. The sets should be close.

Lay Dart around 1.50 and remove liability at 2.00. Lay the set 1 winner.


Choinski (2) v Broady (1.74)

Due to start at 12:30

They met for the first time earlier this week. Broady was expected to win but lost in straight sets.

Broady has better overall results. Neither has good stats on hard courts.

Choinski has played over 50 matches during the lockdown. It certainly seems to have improved his game.

Broady has lost 4 of his 5 matches during Covid. His only win was far from impressive against an inexperienced player who is outside the top 500.

Broady may have learned a thing or 2 about Choinski’s style of play but I still give Choinski the edge.

Lay Broady around 1.50 and remove liability around 2.00. Back Choinski if he loses set 1.


Watson (1.34) v Raducanu (2.8)

Due to start at 12:30 pm

This will be their first meeting.

Both players have won over 70% of their matches in the last 12 months and also in 2020.

Watson made a slow start to her first match this week. Her only match during the pandemic. She lost the opening set but fought back well to take it in 3 sets.

Raducanu has won both her matches during lockdown including a win over Jodie Anna Burrage this week. She won in straight sets.

Watson should win this but lets hope she makes another slow start. A bad start today is less likely than it was yesterday. Lay Watson if she break serve in the first few games. Remove the liability around 1.40. Back her if she gets broken or if she loses set 1.


Matusevich (1.44) v McHugh (2.84)

Due to start at 2 pm

This is their first meeting.

Both players are inexperienced but Matusevich has performed much better in 2020. He has won 6 of his 9 matches. McHugh has won 2 of 8.

Matusevich took Broady to 3 sets this week.

McHugh’s best win was over 790 ranked Billy Harris.

Back Matusevich around 1.75 to 1.85.


Peniston (7.6) v Edmund (1.11)

Due to start at 4:30 pm

This will be their first meeting.

Peniston has a chance if Edmund doesn’t show up. He has beaten 1 player ranked inside the top 500 in 2020. That was a win over 469 ranked Nick Chappell in February.

No value.

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