Cashmaster Blog confirms scam.

I have heard back from Graham at the CashMaster Blog and they have done a comparison between my guide and the ebook from Betfair Trading Experts.

They have confirmed that it is a copy and have ended the review.

Surprisingly I have yet to hear from Doctor Matt himself.

Update: I saw this post come up on my stats program so thought I would update it. I did hear from Dr Matt. Initially he said we should work together with the people he sold my trading strategies to! Seriously. Then he admitted to copying my work ( much of it was a straight copy and paste job. He put no effort in to re-write it in his own words). He agreed to remove the tennis section from his site.  I checked that he had done so and checked again a couple of years later and as far as I know he has not put tennis back on his site.

Tennis Trading Course

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  1. Lol, I like the way his screenshots of the balance and pnl don’t contain commas, could be genuine though as I’ve yet to win 700K in over 3 months 😉

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