Warning! Scammer at large.

In the Betfair trading world there are no end of people trying to take your money.

A member of Tradeshark Tennis brought to my attenttion Betfair Trading Expert . Dr Matthew Abraham ( impressive eh? It must be good if he’s a Doctor) is selling an ebook with strategies for football and tennis.

His tennis information is a copy of my Back the Server II , Scalping and the 15-40. He sells this ebook for $69!

The CashMaster Blog is currently reviewing this ebook. I have emailed them to put them in the picture. Its a differnt person doing the review to the person who reviewed my service so I can see how the copy wasn’t spotted.

If you have seen this site and have been tempted to part with your money I would advise against it.

I have also emailed the good Doctor but as yet have had no reply.

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