Dr Abraham and a review that I wasn’t expecting.

You  may remember that around November last year it came to my attention that The Betfair Trading Expert by Dr Matt Abraham had copied its tennis strategies from my  site. As I said at the time no one can really lay claim to some strategies but the fact that it was copied word for word from my site and was repackaged as the results of years of observing markets was in my opinion taking the piss.

Abraham contacted me and offered to send me some customers but when I asked for an explanation of his copy and paste work he failed to reply. I emailed him again last week but not surprisingly have had no response.

While searching for something on google the other day I found a trading blog that was recommending The Trading Experts’ tennis strategies which irritated me a little. I left a comment on his blog which was rather blunt. I was actually under the impression that I had contacted him last year explaining the situation so was perhaps shorter than I normally would be this time around. Steve, the blog owner, didn’t like my “acerbic tone” and told me so. Being a stuborn Northerner I wasn’t about to back down and put my people skills to work. That pissed Steve off even more and in the middle of the pleasantries he asked for a copy of the Guide so he could do an honest review. As we hadn’t become the best of pals I wasn’t hopeful that a review would be done and if it was that it wouldn’t actually be a fair one. I sent my final response to his blog replying to his comment that I wouldn’t talk to him the same way in person (actually I am well known among family, friends and ex work colleagues for speaking bluntly and telling it like it is). I didn’t get an email from his blog saying that my comment had been published so assumed that Steve had removed it having had just about all he could take of my cheery disposition.

This afternoon while Betfair was down I decided to check if my comment was there and I saw a link under his “approved systems” to TradeShark Tennis.

Here’s a link to the review http://bestbetfairfootballtrader.com/system-reviews/tradeshark-tennis-review/

I have to say that it is a very honest and fair summary. However there are a couple of comments that I feel are misleading. I’ll give Steve the benefit of the doubt that it isn’t deliberate although I wouldn’t blame him considering how arsey I was on his site.

Steve says it is ironic that I have a large amount of copyrighted pdf ebooks on the site and also a tennis strategy that was “ripped off from Pete Nordsted”. Steve seems to be trying to compare this to what I was complaining the Dr had done. Lets put things into context. The members area which includes the Trading Guide is a webste with many pages. I have set aside one page on which I put any interesting ebooks or documents that members want to share with other members. I point out on the site that some may be copyrighted and that if I receive a complaint that I will happily remove them. They are freely available online, which doesn’t make it right to have them on the site, but it isn’t exactly a hanging offence. The 5 ebooks and the strategy document are presented “as is” and have not been repackaged and sold as anyone else’s work except the original author. In the Word document one of our members was giving his own ideas on trading based on the strategy from Nordsted which is clearly stated near the top of the document. I have even said on the site that I have only personally read 2 of the ebooks!

Any comparison between this and someone repackaging and selling my work as their own is at best misleading. These 6 items constitute a miniscule proportion of the material on the members area.

That said I have to say that Steve has shown he is a blogger with integrity who  despite probably thinking I am an arrogant twat has reviewed the site honestly. For that I thank him and apologise for my attitude in some of the comments I left on his blog regarding Dr Abraham.


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8 thoughts on “Dr Abraham and a review that I wasn’t expecting.”

  1. blank

    Firstly you should be using minimum stakes. You dont learn more by having more money in the market but you lose less while learning. There is enough information in the guide for you to find suitable games to trade. The purpose of the guide is to make you self sufficient rather than relying on others. If you would like to email me with specific points then we can try to figure out where we can make improvements. I advise any members who need help to ask for it and email is ideal to start with. Use tradeshark@aol.com

  2. blank

    I agree with those newbies, your section “What to do when it goes wrong” should have more advices cause i read 3 times that and still don’t understant too much what to do when all is wrong ?

    there is just one example of your trade with it, could you add more advices about reactions for wrong-going match ?

    1. blank

      Thanks for the comment. As every game is different it would be difficult to give a solution for every situation which seems to be what people want. This is why I have the forum and the chatroom and also offer email support. All for £29!
      On the back the favourite section there is also a video giving an example of how to manage a trade going wrong.

      I make myself accessible via skype, email, chatroom, forum and now twitter. If people don’t take advantage of that I can’t force them to 🙂

  3. blank

    thx for fast reply as always 🙂

    i think you are so good and full-time trader cause you know how to lose small when it goes wrong, while we need to learn it cause most of us are still more gamblers than traders and often we newbies lose too big due to gambling.

    hardest is to know, when our player is bad enough to start fast cuting loses

    for example when we are backing favourite since start of the match, and in first games it becomes 0-3 or 1-4, so we need to wait when he loses 1st set or start to cut losing money? what will you do than exactly?

    1. blank

      In the first game if he goes 0-30 I would reduce my liability. For example if you had backed with £100 you would lay off £50 at 0-30. This would leave you with zero or a small green on the favourite ( there is a video demonstrating this on the members area). If he continued to struggle then you should hedge for the loss. If you wait too long and don’t lay any off your hedgeable red figure just gets bigger. Getter to act quickly. You can get back into the match when it becomes clearer who is on top as the match progresses.

  4. blank

    thanks, yes bryans gave us preview for bad start, so now i know that i was a fool waiting to break moment, we need to react faster during that game not to wait for a break, as you said, now i understood it better.

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