TradeShark Diary, 10th June 2020

Let’s have a bit of a news round up. Older UK residents will remember John Craven’s Newsround. It was a kids’ programme that delivered the news as you were eating your tea after getting home from school. Maybe this can be TradeShark’s paper round. I ride round on my bike and lob unwanted snippets of news onto your front lawn.

Yesterday I wrote that the World Health Organisation has announced that people with no symptoms of the virus were very unlikely to infect anyone else. I was a little sceptical although hopeful that it was true. It seems that it was reported a little out of context.

Dan Evans is currently the top ranked British player. He has been frustrated that tennis seems to be falling behind other sports when it comes to returning after the Coronavirus. Evans will be taking part in Jamie Murray’s NHS charity tournament later this month. He says that he would be happy to travel to the US Open with just a coach. He should probably take a couple of racquets too.

Novak Djokovic doesn’t seem quite as keen to go to New York. He is apparently thinking of skipping the US Open and returning for the new clay season which will include the French Open. He is concerned at the possibility of a 14 day quarantine period for people arriving in America. Some of his other objections seem a little like a small child who isn’t allowed to take all his toys on a day out. He doesn’t like the possibility of only having 1 person in his team. Maybe his ego is so large he needs lots of people to kiss his arse.

Roger Federer will miss both the US Open and French Open. He has announced that he will not return to the tour until 2021. He has had to have additional surgery on his right knee.

Rafa Nadal’s Uncle Toni has revealed that the Spanish superstar never paid him a single euro.

Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian has announced his resignation from the board of Reddit. Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian has urged the company to replace him with a black candidate.

Oh give me a break. How about they give it to the best qualified candidate? If that person is white, black or a little guy from Sheffield called Norman then they deserve it.

Nick Kyrgios believes hiring a coach would be a “waste of money” and “pointless”, and doubts whether he will ever win a Grand Slam.

The feeling that I get when looking around tennis news sites is that the very top players don’t want to come back until everything is totally back to normal. They don’t think they can cope without a large support group around them and don’t want to change their tournament routines at all. It does seem like the rest of the players are keen to get back on court as long as everything is safe.

OK that’s enough about other people. Back to me!

The gravel for the front garden is due to arrive at the weekend. They can’t guarantee the colour of the gravel which is a small concern. I’m not that bothered about the colour for the front garden but the plan is that if there is any left over I will use it to top up a gravel area in the back garden. If it is completely different to the stuff I used in the back it will look ridiculous. Fingers crossed.

Sue’s birthday meal went well. I changed the mustard sauce a little. The last one I made almost blew our heads off. Last night it was still a strong flavour but didn’t obliterate the taste of the tuna. Sue rarely clears her plate at any meal but ate the lot last night.

There doesn’t seem to be a great deal worth trading on the tennis exhibitions today. I’ll keep an eye on some of them in play and wait for opportunities. I’ll probably have a look at a few football matches tonight too.

Other than that it’s looking like a quiet day. I’ll update you with any dramas on the street later.

Stay safe.

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