TradeShark Diary, 11th June 2020

Danielle Collins had a dig at Djokovic for him being against the Covid 19 measures that have been suggested for the US Open.

Serena Williams’ coach think the Coronavirus shutdown could help her to finally get her 23rd Grand Slam title.

Simona Halep is unlikely to play the US Open due to the US Open protocols being “incredibly difficult”. Her coach doesn’t think the Romanian could cope.

‘My priority is not helping tennis players’ – Berrettini on Player Relief Fund controversy.

The days are pretty dull at the moment. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. I suppose that the wet weather means there are less people outside so the chance of drama is reduced. I have been watching quite a lot of Betfair trading related youtube videos. I don’t think I watched any of them right to the end.

Twitter is never the sanest of places at the best of times. It seems like the whole world is losing the plot. George Floyd obviously should not have been treated the way he was and for him to lose his life during an arrest for attempting to use a fake bank note is about as wrong as it gets. Racism has not just sprung up during the lockdown though. Why has this particular incident had such a huge effect all over the world? Are people so stir crazy after 3 months at home? In the middle of the biggest pandemic ever to hit the Earth, NOW is the time to gather in our thousands?

George Floyd’s “private funeral” was broadcast to the world. Would he have had such a grand send off in less news-worthy circumstances? Funerals in this country allow a tiny number of moarners yet George had a funeral that would have befitted a national hero. He was certainly no saint and spent time in jail for robbing a pregnant women in her own home. He and 5 friends forced their way in having pretended initially to be from a water company. George held a gun to the woman’s stomach before driving the getaway car.

Yesterday a police officer in London was set upon by a group of black men who took selfies as they kicked the shit out of the officer. If that’s the plan for how they intend to get equality they might need a plan B.

I saw a report from Australia that said someone who attended a ten thousand strong protest in Melbourne has now tested positive for Covid-19. The first of many?

Stay safe.

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