TradeShark Diary, 13th April 2020

Very quiet day yesterday. Spent all day chilling. Sue cooked a superb Sunday dinner (as always). She went to bed quite early as she is working today.


The WTA Rogers Cup has been cancelled for 2020. This is due to restrictions imposed by the Canadian province of Quebec. Canada hosts the men’s and women’s events with one being played in Montreal and the other played in Toronto. They alternate the venues each year so the WTA played in Toronto last year. At the moment the men’s tournament is scheduled to go ahead.

I tried to keep busy today. I soon got fed up of Twitter as it is even more crammed with bullshit than normal. People have too much time on their hands and being in lockdown for a few weeks has melted the filter between their brain and their mouth ( or in this case their keyboard ).

There is a huge bush in the back garden. It was starting to take over the fence and the bench that’s down there. It has been on my list for months. It probably took me 45 minutes with the shears. It wasn’t worth getting out the electric hedge trimmers. I made a good job of it if I do say so myself!

I killed another couple of hours with housework before I went to Tesco for a bit of shopping. The queue wasn’t bad. Probably only took 5 minutes to get in. It’s the first time I have been in since they properly set up the one way system. I went the wrong way a couple of times before I saw the signs and the huge black arrows on the floor. There were quite a few blokes in there looking like naughty kids as they realised that they were going the wrong way.

The Tony Hargraves webinar has certainly ignited some interest in my blog and sales page. I’ll be back at my desk in the morning. I can’t remember if I have mentioned it but I found the live webinars that I did around 2010. I have watched one of then and skimmed through another. I’ll be recording an up to date commentary as I have on all my other videos on the TradeShark Tennis members pages.

If anyone has any questions about tennis trading you can either email me or catch me in the skype room from Tuesday to Thursday. There is a link in the sidebar on the right of this page. You can also join our new Telegram room. There is a link on the blog home page.

Stay busy. Stay safe.

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