TradeShark Diary, 14th April 2020

Avoiding the news and twitter really helps you to chill out. I watched about 15 minutes of news this morning. I started on the BBC’s Breakfast programme where someone was telling a sad story about how her mum had died from Corona Virus. I missed the start of the story so perhaps missed some context but a lot of what she seemed to be saying was how she had not followed the rules and her mum got infected. I switched over to GMTV before the end of the story so may have got the wrong end of the stick. I am not a fan of Piers Morgan. As soon as I switched over he was announcing that Terry Waite was on next to give us advice on dealing with being isolated. When I find myself tied to the radiator I’ll look to Terry for tips.


That was all the TV news that I have seen though I am about to go downstairs.

We had an unexpected knock on the door this lunchtime. This hasn’t happened much in the last month. We have had takeaway deliveries and the occasional other delivery but they were expected. The odd time it has been unexpected I have had an weird reaction. A bit of me thinks, “Zombies!”. Then after a tenth of a second I remember we are not in a B movie. I opened the door to see one of our neighbours standing half way down the path. He obviously didn’t think I would remember him ( the neighbours don’t mix much) so explained where he lived and askedif I could I tell him what the colour of my fence stain was called! Not surprisingly I had no idea but told him if he waited there I would check the tub in the shed. He had asked if it was called golden harvest. Maybe he has been doing some online research as that was exactly what it was called! When I told him he paused for a second or two, thanked me and then walked off. I think he was maybe hoping I had some left over and would let him have it. Perhaps he hasn’t had much to do with people from Yorkshire.

That’s about it. If anything exciting happens this evening I’ll add it to tomorrow’s post.

As ever, stay safe.

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