TradeShark Diary, 14th May 2020

Not a bad day at all. The Tennis Point exhibition matches started again today. Liquidity is enough to trade them although I am still reducing stakes a little. They’re still exhibitions after all. I missed the first match which would have been decent to trade and there were a couple of very one sided matches although I got on Hanfmann around 2.00 and he barely put a foot wrong. Hassan also won easily and you could get 1.84 very early. I even made a bit with two football matches.


Charlie ate most of his breakfast this morning. He is still looking a bit sorry for himself. I have read today that walking helps a dog’s digestion. Two months on just 1 walk a day maybe isn’t ideal for him when he is used to 2 or 3. The change of exercise rules mean I can walk them more often. That’s great for them and also for me!

Since lunchtime I have been at my desk and have seen 4 drug deals and 3 families blatantly ignoring lock down. Some of the rules seem a little inconsistent but not mixing with groups from other households is common sense.

Sue and I had a lively debate last night about people getting onto packed buses and trains. She was saying that Boris had made a mistake in relaxing the lockdown rules. I said that the rules were pretty clear and that you should only use public transport if you could follow social distancing. People should take responsibility for themselves. If a bus turns up and it’s packed then you don’t get on.

Sue said that if you had to get to work and didn’t want to be late then you would get on.

No! As we’re not being tested we don’t know if we have the virus or not. If you do not know that you are clear then it’s not just about you. You also don’t know if everyone on the bus is clear so you take responsibility for :

  • Your safety.
  • The safety of your family/household as you might get infected
  • The safety of everyone on the bus as if you’re infected you can pass it on to 40 other people

I accept that a lot of people do not think that way. It’s all about them. We can’t control what others do but we can choose to do the right thing ourselves.

Last night’s walk saw 3 fox sightings and a badger! Unfortunately 2 of the foxes and the badger were too far away for the camera and this is the best I could get from the other.

TradeShark Diary, 14th May 2020 1

Stay safe.

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