TradeShark Diary, 15th May 2020

Another decent day. I traded some of the Tennis Point matches although most were short priced favourites. I was a bit gutted to miss the Puetz loss as a 1.16 favourite. Sue had asked me to type up a character reference for one of her mates. I missed the first set. I did get on the slow start from Choinski who couldn’t serve for toffee in the first set. He was close to losing in 2 sets but came back from 0-3 to take the set in a tie break. Schmitz took the third set easily. I also topped up the bank with a bit more football profit.


The downstairs loo is being a bit of a pain. The handle broke so I bought a replacement on Amazon. It would have been a 5 minute job to fit it if the old one hadn’t been clogged up with limescale. I had to hacksaw it off. The new one worked perfectly at first but then wouldn’t flush properly. There isn’t that much to adjust on it. It’s very simple. I opened the valve a little to allow more water into the system. I have a theory that it’s Sue’s fault! She is a bit of a yanker. I had replaced the light cord in the bathroom with a chain. She went up to have a look at it and yanked the thing off. I asked her why she pulled it like that and just got a blank look. She did the same with the new blind that covers the back door at night.

The loo was fine yesterday but isn’t working again. I’ll maybe have to do a training session. It can be difficult sometimes to stop myself following her round the house and pointing out what she’s doing wrong.

Sue cooked salmon tonight. Very tasty it was too. Afterwards I was doing the washing up and she decided it might be funny to scoop up some washing up water and tip it over my head. Ten minutes later the kitchen floor was soaked. I was soaked and Sue was sitting at the kitchen table looking like a drowned rat and whining about how I should let her win. Bless her.

Stay safe.

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