TradeShark Diary, 15th June 2020

Feliciano Lopez has said that players should expect a significant drop in prize money when the tennis tours start up again.

Djokovic had his first loss of 2020 when Krajinovic came back from losing the opening set in the charity Adria Exhibition. He had lost a point to a ball kid in his previous match.

It was a busy day on Sunday. I pretty much stayed away from the laptop. I have some gravel arriving on Monday for the front garden so I had to finish levelling the ground and putting down the sheet/membrane to keep weeds down. The membrane was ordered from Amazon weeks ago and I hadn’t actually looked at it. I had it in my head that it was a metre wide but when I opened the packaging I had ordered a sheet 10 metres by 3 metres. As the area to be gravelled is just under 3 metres wide that made things a lot easier. The garden is only about 7 or 8 metres long so there was a bit to cut off but it only took me around 30 minutes to get it in place and pegged down.


I had started around 8 am and even though it didn’t feel particularly hot it must have been humid. It wasn’t exactly a strenuous 30 minutes but by the end I was dripping in sweat. I sat in the back garden for a while with a cold drink before I started on cleaning the windows. The next job was the bathroom. The floor needed a thorough clean and I wanted to get round all the nooks and crannies.

The downstairs toilet hasn’t been fixed yet. I only found one guy who would do it but he had a few jobs lined up. He is coming on Tuesday. Sue didn’t like having to flush it with a bucket so she has been getting extra exercise going up and down the stairs for her 300 pisses every day.

I had a look in the fridge for lunch. It was quite empty. We are due a big shop on Monday. There were a couple of tuna steaks left from Sue’s birthday meal. I had bought too many. There was also a plastic jug with baked beans in so that was my lunch. Fresh tuna steaks and beans. I know how to live.

After lunch I took the dogs out. After that I threw the hoover round and dusted every room. It was about 2 o’clock when I finally sat down. I resisted the urge to see if there was anything worth trading but did have a browse for more SEO tweaks. I know how you love hearing about SEO tweaks! I had read about LSI keywords but hadn’t really found out much about how to use them. In fact it’s pretty simple. Google hate sites that have the same keywords repeated so many times. Keyword density is a tough one to get information on. Some SEO sites say that 3% is good. Some say as low as 0.5% works well. I have been working with 0.5% which for my site has the keywords included around a dozen times. I read a 2020 article from a guy called Brian Dean who said he ranked his 3600 word site at number 1 on google by putting his keywords in 5 or 6 times but adding LSI keywords. My site is around 2400 words. I gave it a try and it has made a difference. SEO tweaks often take a while to see real improvements so I’ll leave it alone for a while to give it chance to work. It’s good to keep your brain occupied.

I have had a small problem in lockdown with getting bloated. It’s not trapped wind as I have no problem with releasing it, much to Sue’s disgust. I had put it down to us eating really late sometimes. If Sue has been at work she doesn’t want to eat straight away and sometimes it has been after 11 pm. That’s not good for you. However I am beginning to wonder if I have developed a slight intolerance to something. My dad has an intolerance to dairy that didn’t start until he was in his 40’s. Yesterday I had been fine until Sue got home. Maybe I have developed an intolerance to my wife! She gave me a sandwich that she had not eaten at work. Ham and tomato on white bread. The bloating feeling started almost straight away. I’ll give white bread a miss for a few days to see if it makes a difference.

Stay safe.

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