TradeShark Diary, 13th June 2020

The Adria Exhibition started today. There are some decent players involved including Djokovic, Thiem, Zverev and Dimitrov. Unfortunately they are playing with amended rules such as sets being the first to 4 games with a tie break at 3-3. They are playing a match tie break(first to 10) in place of a third set.

1000 tickets were made available and all of them sold very quickly. Matches next week are expected to have 4500 fans with social distancing of 1 metre.

Be careful with stake size if you get involved. There are live streams on Bet365.


I have traded some exhibition matches over the last few weeks. Just enough to “keep my eye in”. It isn’t advisable to use your normal stakes on exhibitions and I normally wouldn’t get involved with them at all. Perhaps as we get nearer to the main tours coming back in August the matches might get more competitive and predictable as the top players attempt to fine tune their games.

I was going to get the front garden ready for the gravel delivery that’s coming on Monday. I changed the plan as I felt like watching some sport today. Sue is back at work tomorrow so I’ll be up at 6 am to take her there. I’ll sort the garden after breakfast. It shouldn’t take long. Just a bit of levelling to do and put the membrane down to keep the weeds down.

It was a quiet day yesterday. Someone was having a house party a few doors away last night. They were making a lot of noise although we could hardly hear it in the house. There was a lot of shouting coming from a garden a few doors away in the other direction. I think they breed German Shepherds. They don’t bother too much with training them. Not even the basic stuff. It isn’t unusual for one of the dogs to escape. From the angry shouts another had escaped and the dog had made it into a neighbour’s back garden. I’ll never understand dog owners who can’t be bothered to train basic obedience but when the dog gets away from them they start shouting commands and expect the dog to listen.

I heard the shouts when I was in the bathroom. Sit! Lie down! Here! Lie down! Leave it! Sit! SIT!

I went back downstairs and was telling Sue about it. She was pissing herself. Molly was behind me and was desperately trying to keep up with the commands that I was shouting out. She looked quite worn out!

Quiet evening planned. Sue will be in bed early. I need to find a couple of films to watch tonight. Any suggestions?

Stay safe.

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