TradeShark Diary, 16th March 2020

Corona virus update: I’m still alive.


My wife works at the Worcester hospital on the Infectious Diseases ward. They weren’t very happy at the weekend when their ward was made the Corona Virus ward but as I pointed out if you had to pick a ward to designate as Corona Virus specific surely Infectious Diseases is the ideal candidate. At least it means they have enough staff. The hospital runs pretty short of staff most of the time and corners get cut but I felt that they would not risk leaving this ward short due to the hysteria and world wide coverage of the virus spread. This proved to be the case and the ward was well staffed. Nineteen patients on the ward but I think only 2 confirmed cases. It may not even be 2 confirmed cases. Its very much a Chinese Whispers type of situation (which is pretty ironic) and accurate info, even on the ward, is hard to come by. From what I understand it is the nurses who deal directly with the patients. The health care assistants (which is what my Wife is) are there to dress the nurses in the protective clothing. Normally the HCA’s end up doing a lot of the tasks that the nurses are supposed to but as you would expect procedures are being enforced much more diligently. Let’s see how long THAT lasts though!

I was looking forward to spending more time with the dogs while there is no tennis on. That won’t be happening as much as I had hoped. When I was around 14/15 I was playing a LOT of sport. I used to find sometimes that by the time I had been driven home from a match or practice that my right heel was so painful that I couldn’t put any weight on it.

I seemed to grow out of it but last week it happened again. My right heel started being quite painful first thing on a morning but by the time I had gone downstairs and fed the dog etc I was fine. On Wednesday I was playing with my grandkids in the garden and we were playing “tig”. Ella called it sharks and fishes but it was tig. She was trying to tag me and I was running round the slide. She couldn’t get me. I’m still pretty fast. At least I was for a few minutes then my heel became really painful. Since then I have had real problems walking.

After a few hours rest it seemed better but even s short walk has been agony. I bought some insoles that are supposed to be good for this condition. (Plantar Fasciitis). They seemed to help a little at first but were soon causing me more pain. I got some compression socks next. Only got them yesterday. They are toeless socks that put pressure on 7 key spots on your foot. They actually do help. I managed to walk the dogs a little further last night once I had stopped to bin the insoles.

I didn’t do much walking on it yesterday other than a trip to Tesco and the late dog walk and it does seem a lot better this morning.

No toilet roll at Tesco’s by the way. We built up a panic stash of 20 rolls. If we get short we can get some from our daughter. Apparently she has 70 rolls in the spare room. They didn’t panic buy. They get them in bulk from Amazon!

The weekend was the first time for a LONG time that I had very little to do. Is this what it’s like to be unemployed or is this what a holiday feels like? I haven’t done either for a while.

I get bored pretty quickly so will be trying to keep things are near normal as possible. That won’t be easy with no tennis on though I have a few recorded videos to go through to see if there is anything useful in them to post on Youtube. I only post stuff if I feel there is something people can learn from it. I keep getting asked to post videos for when things go wrong. I understand why but I get the feeling that a lot think there is some magic trick to getting yourself out of a bad position.

The best way to get out of a bad position is to avoid getting INTO a bad position in the first place. If you have taken a value entry and it goes against you it is the ENTRY that limits/controls your losses and not some holy grail exit strategy. There is a new page in the Members Area that covers this subject.

Keep washing those hands people!

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