TradeShark Diary, 17th May 2020

Not much to report from Saturday. I had a good day on the football and was up around £350. It was a good relaxing day. I took the dogs down to the field where they burned off a lot of energy. Charlie in particular has been a lot calmer since they have gone back to 2 walks a day. We were out for over an hour yesterday.


Sue was working today. I dropped her off at the hospital at 6:30. My car really needed a wash and I had planned to do it this morning. Originally I had decided to get up early on Friday to do it. I set the alarm for 6 am. I woke up before the alarm but couldn’t be bothered getting up. I thought I would do it on Sunday as I was going to be up early anyway to take Sue to work. I went back to sleep. There had been a second part to the Friday plan. As I was getting up early there was no need to take the wheelie bin from the back garden to the front of the house on Thursday night. Friday is bin day. I woke up around 8am to the sound of the dustbin truck outside!

They had already done our part of the street. Bollox. They has disappeared round the corner but would be coming back past our house to complete the other end of the “T” shaped streets. I ran downstairs and into the back garden. I opened the back gate and wheeled the bin to the front. I thought I had a better chance of them taking it if I put it next to one of the bins that hadn’t been emptied yet. I put it on one of the drives opposite. That was a bit risky. They might not empty it so I waited for them to come back this way and flagged them down. I asked them if there was any chance of them emptying “that one” and they were happy to do it. That saved me a lot of hassle. They will come back if you phone up and say they missed your bin but that’s not fair on them. It was my fault.

Anyway I have gone off on a tangent. I know. That’s really unlike me! I washed the car. It only takes 20 minutes including drying it with a large microfibre towel. You don’t want water marks!

I had the day to myself. I usually spend some of my “me days” cleaning. I can get more done when Sue isn’t around! I spent about an hour on the housework. I thought I would have a sofa day. I traded some of today’s football. I ended up around £130 down. A bit disappointing but it keeps my feet on the ground.

I found a series on Netflix about the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan. I was a huge fan of both years ago when I used to play. I had seen it when we were looking for a film a few days ago but thought it was a one off documentary. I watched a couple of those.

Our grand daughter is 6 next week so when I picked Sue up tonight we took some presents and a cake over and left them on their doorstep.

That’s about it. A very relaxing couple of days. I’ll be back upstairs in the office tomorrow!

Is it just me or do a lot people on the news and other TV programmes look like they have broken their main pair of specs and have had to dig out the really old pair from the back of the drawer? I’ve seen some awful specs during lockdown!

Chinese for supper. Stay safe.

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