TradeShark Diary, 18th June 2020

Despite the announcements yesterday from the ATP and WTA about their proposed dates for tennis to resume it looks like a slow news day for the sport.

Comment from Kevin Palmer: Novak Djokovic’s reputation is now on trial after US Open decision.

The 2020 Italian Open reveals its policy on spectators.

The world number 1 wheelchair player who is also the defending US Open champion will not be able to defend his title as the wheelchair event will not go ahead.

Serena Williams confirmed that she will play at the US Open. Perhaps it is an ideal opportunity for her to take her 24th slam title. The US Open fans have had a negative effect on her behaviour in the past so a tournament with no fans helps her.

The plumber came out to fix the toilet on Tuesday. While fixing the siphon he moved the waste pipe which then leaked. He attempted to sort that issue by daubing silicon over the joint. He had said that we should not use the toilet until Wednesday to give the silicon time to set properly. On Wednesday morning I did a test flush. Water leaked from the pipe. I managed to get hold of the plumber but he wasn’t able to get back here until Thursday morning. He has been out today and seems to have done a better job. Time will tell.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I had received another scam copyright claim. They gave me 2 weeks to respond which was up a few days ago. I compared the first scam emails that I received to the new one. They both have addresses in Toronto but not the same address. They must be a huge company to have 2 offices in the same city. Both claim to be from Picrights. The first scammers kept trying for 6 months despite getting no replies from me.

I was supposed to be clearing out the garden shed today so I am devastated that it’s raining. There has been stuff in the shed from the day we moved in. Things that we didn’t need in the house were put in there and over the last 14/15 years we have added to it. We also have a lot of junk in the large cupboard under the stairs. Every summer for the last few years I have had it on a “to do” list but it never got done. There is a guy who will collect it all for £50 as long as it all fits in a transit van ( which is will). If he gets back to me to say he is available I’ll pile everything up in the back garden and he can get rid.

A boring day so far. Salmon for supper.

Stay safe.

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