TradeShark Diary, 19th June 2020

I don’t know about you but my favourite way to start the day is to find out that I’m a racist. I know, right? It doesn’t get any better than that. When I wake up the first thing I do it check my phone to see if there were any interesting emails over night. As well as a couple of new signups for the trading guide there was a Youtube comment. It was from my video from last year’s French Open when Thiem was kicked out of the press conference room to make way for Serena.

Mr DMc
You should have posted a follow up to clear up the lies you posted here. Serena did not demand to do a press conference immediately or she would leave. She also DID say “That’s rude” about the organizers displacing Thiem in the main room. I can only surmise you are RACIST like all the other Serena haters. The mere fact this is the only piece you did on the French Open proves my point.. racist, If there was a ledger of all the wrongs perpetrated the tennis “establishment” would far outweigh anything Serena has done. Even the USTA has done worse.

Mr DMc seems to be discounting the 14 other videos that I posted during the tournament. I’m guessing that he isn’t a fan of my work.

You can see the video here along with my reply.

There is a good chance that most of us have binge watched some series or other during lockdown. Mine was The Last Dance about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Sue has watched lots of them. The latest is 13 Reasons Why. She had watched the first 3 series. She likes to watch the same ones that our daughter watches so they can talk about it later (yawn). So when Series 4 came onto Netflix they were on it. She watched the first few episodes and complained that they kept going back over the last series. It was like they were recapping so that you could keep up with the story. She complained to our daughter that it was getting confusing. Michelle told her that yes it was a bit like that but that the last 2 episodes pulled everything together and it made more sense. She asked Sue how many she had seen. Sue replied that she had seen 10 so far so just had 2 left. Michelle was confused as series 4 only has 10 episodes in total. Apparently Sue has been watching series 3 again thinking it was series 4!

She has also been watching these videos from Martin and Bex. They are pretty funny to be fair. Sue had the idea early in lockdown of making some of these videos. Thankfully she isn’t good with technology and couldn’t get tik tok to work.

It’s raining again today. I’ll have a look at a few things to trade. There are a lot of tennis exhibitions on and I’m sure some will be worth a look if the liquidity is OK. The money is being spread quite thinly across all the exhibitions around the world. There are also some good looking football matches this evening. That’s probably going to be my day. We do have a new TV unit being delivered for the bedroom. The old one is too low and one of us often ends up only being able to see part of the screen.

The shed will have to wait for a dry day.

Stay safe.

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