TradeShark Diary, 18th October 2020

It has been a pretty chilled out week. Only ATP tournaments but the trading has been pretty good. I prefer trading indoor tournaments to hard courts as the indoor surfaces are usually slower so big servers don’t have as much of an advantage. The women are back next week.

Things have continued to go well since the tennis resumed. Lots of interest in the service and a shed load of new members. I’m already looking forward to having a great full season in 2021. Hopefully the CoronaVirus doesn’t put another spanner in the works. The tournaments have been doing a good job of keeping players and officials safe. There have been a few reports of players testing positive but no real claims that it was caught at a tournament.

Cases in Worcester are going up but we are on the lower tier of social distancing rules. We are surrounded with areas with much higher rates though and there is a chance that Worcestershire will be lifted to tier 2. Cases at the local hospital are increasing but fairly slowly. Sue’s ward hasn’t been made a covid ward again just yet.

The street has been extremely quiet for a while now. The local pub allegedly ignored the first lockdown. With a 10 pm closing time imposed on pubs you’d expect if you walked past around 10 pm that you would see a load of people piling out of there. I haven’t seen a single person leave at 10. Some nights I can hear voices in the woods next to the pub so maybe they’re taking their drinks there in case they get checked upon.

One day this week Sue had gone up to bed early to watch a film on Netflix. Our daughter, son in law and grand kids all use our Netflix log in details so when Sue fired up Netflix on the bedroom’s Firestick she was greeted by a screen full of kids movies and cartoons. The Firestick is voice activated. I was at my desk in the next room sorting an issue out for a new member. Sue wanted to see the list of films so said into the remote control, “Adult films”.

She let out a sort of, “Aaaargh” noise as she was presented with a list of adult films. I didn’t know Netflix had porn on there. To be fair I couldn’t see the screen from my desk but she was insistent that it was a list of porn films. By the time I had stopped laughing at her she had got back to the main menu. I suggested she tried, “Main menu” if she wanted to get rid of the kids films in future.

I have not been putting “Stay safe” at the end of posts as I really thought we were getting to the end of the Covid issues. I think people have become complacent and also the universities were opened up way too early. I think this is going to drag on for many months. Maybe “Stay smart” might be a better sign off.

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