TradeShark Diary, 22nd June 2020

Grigor Dimitrov has tested positive for Covid-19 after taking part in the Andria exhibition in Croatia. There are no social distancing rules in Croatia and looking at some of the photos from the event the players were not being very careful either.

Borna Coric was also infected at the Andria exhibition which was organised by Djokovic and criticised for its lack of safety precautions.

Djokovic’s event also infected a coach and a fitness coach. Djokovic himself left the venue without being tested as he had no symptoms. Arrogant prick.

When the tours start up in August they WILL have strict rules in place. Djokovic has been complaining that the proposed measures at the US Open are too harsh. Now he has seen first hand why they are necessary. Hopefully the tennis authorities strongly suggest that he self isolates at home.

It is a quiet day for me with Sue working until 7:30 pm. Just me and the dogs.

There was a leaked “unofficial” letter doing the rounds in Worcester. It talks of a spike in cases and that a local lockdown may be introduced. At Worcester Hospital yesterday 13 of the 22 beds on the covid-19 ward were empty.

Stay safe.

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