TradeShark Diary, 22nd March 2020

TradeShark Diary, 22nd March 2020 1

Fairly quiet day today. I decided not to go to Tesco early. I knew they were allowing NHS staff in early but as Sue was working I couldn’t get in early. I’m glad I didn’t as I have seen a video of the queue which stretched easily 500 metres up to the nearby community centre. You’re not telling me all those were NHS staff! They’re supposed to be short staffed.

At least Sue had PPE although I’m not sure it’s very comfortable to have to wear it for 12 hours.

I took the dogs for a walk before going shopping. I chose a route that allowed plenty of space for the ol’ social distancing. Not that it made much difference. People just don’t get it. We were going up a small road in a housing estate. Its quite narrow. There was a woman with a small kid on the opposite side of the road. She crossed the road towards where we were. I crossed over to where she had come from and just muttered , “seriously?”. She gave be a dirty look.

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People tend to be drawn to dogs. Probably more so if they have a dog with them. To be fair the few dog owners we came across kept their distance. The various old gits however all made a bee line for us. It was a bit like something from the Walking Dead. “Aww can we stroke them?”. My mutterings towards them were more along the lines of “You’re all gonna die”.

I left the dogs at home and set off to Tesco. I didn’t need much. The store didn’t seem to be improving. The people who had been in early were still going through the checkouts. I said a couple of days ago that food retail are slow to react. An example of that is dried pasta. When the panic buying started one of the top lines being hoarded was pasta. It lasts a long time in your cupboard. The pasta shelves don’t seem to have been filled since the initial panic buying. If they filled up those types of items they wouldn’t get wiped out as quickly as before. All the idiots who were panic buying already have a cupboard full. Apparently people have entire rooms set aside for their stockpiled food. Morons.

I have been going through my video folder for old vids that didn’t make it to Youtube. I might have enough clips for another out takes video!

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  1. blank

    This sounds like most peoples experience at the moment. Complete madness what do they not get?? Stay safe Paul looking forward to one day getting our tennis back, following your insights and some normality. Might even turn a profit now Ive had a break haha..

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