TradeShark Diary, 24th June 2020

So Novak Djokovic has the coronavirus. That is a huge surprise. I mean he was being particularly careful in the Adria Exhibition in Croatia. Lockdown rules had been dropped in that country so clearly it was perfectly fine to have stands full of spectators, players hugging at the net and everyone sitting very closely together on the sidelines with no distancing or masks. To enhance the safety of everyone involved they danced in a club in the evenings. If anyone was worried that there weren’t enough safety measures in place they were unnecessarily concerned. He also organised a basketball match in which the players competed. What a mong. If he lived near me he would have been the one having his mates round for packed house parties.


You know you’ve fucked up when Nick Kyrgios criticises your behaviour and calls you irresponsible!

Andy Murray “took a knee” before his first match of the Battle of the Brits. I have written the rest of this paragraph a few times and deleted it. This country seems to be scared to death of being labelled racist. ALL LIVES MATTER. I accept that this phrase probably doesn’t fit well with what’s happening in America but we aren’t in America. Most of us have no influence over how others behave so we just need to take responsibility for our own actions. The vast majority of people in this country are not racist.

In other news I have been subscribing to Sky Movies since the end of last year. They had a 2 month free trial. When that ended they offered me 6 months for £5 which I took them up on. I was expecting it to end at the end of June. I had been on their site a few weeks ago but they had a message up saying that they weren’t taking calls from customers due to Covid-19. I was expecting an email from them letting me know the trial was about to end. I hadn’t had one. I logged into my account and checked my latest bill. Sky Cinema had gone up to £19. Twats. I tried to cancel Sky Cinema but got a message saying that to do that I had to call them. They provided a number. When I got through the guy told me that he would cancel it but I had to give 31 days notice! Fuck off! I asked why I had not been told before the price went up. “Oh we can’t do that! We have millions of customers.”

I would have thought that Sky would be able to automate that notification with very little effort. He offered to speak to his manager. I said that it was a good idea and pointed out that Covid was happening to all of us and not just SKY and we had other things to think about than our Sky subscriptions. They agreed to waive the notice period.

Its time that I was in the garden with a beer.

Stay safe.

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