TradeShark Diary, 26th June 2020

Andy Murray gave a positive update on how his hip has been in his 2 matches this week. Article.

‘The only thing Novak Djokovic did wrong is apologise’ – Man Utd star wades into coronavirus row. As we know football players are the smartest people on the planet. Matic’s comments are borderline retarded. Article.

Liverpool finally won the Premier League title. Well deserved. They have been outstanding in the last couple of years. Unfortunately it gave the British public yet another chance to ignore the global pandemic and have a street party outside Anfield. How many of the families that were out there ignoring social distancing were the same families who said it wasn’t safe to send the kids back to school? The same question should also be asked of the families packing onto beaches in the last few days.


I saw a lot of comments on Twitter this morning saying that the US Open should not go ahead and in fact all sport should not go ahead in 2020. Some saying that because Djokovic has tested positive that it proves tennis can’t be safe. Not much thought going into those comments once you know the facts about how badly the Andria event was organised. The danger in most countries is not the way the respective governments are handling he crisis. The majority of countries have shown that they know how to manage the crisis. The problems now are all around the citizens of those countries and how they are behaving. Some level of social distancing will be with us for several months yet. At least the rules will be in place but with diminishing numbers trying to take notice of those rules the Virus will stick around for a longer period.

We are visiting the grand kids and our daughter this lunchtime. Should we be hugging them? We want to hold them so much. Is it allowed? With Sue working on the covid ward then for their safety we will be staying 2 metres apart. It’s breaking our hearts to hear yet another house party last night just a couple of doors away.

I don’t have a lot of patience with retards at the best of times. Their numbers seem to be increasing. When people are under pressure you tend to see their true personalities. The true personality of Britain is increasingly selfish. Fuck everyone else. I’m going to do what I want to do. If the virus was an act of God to clear out the chaff then he royally fucked that up. The pricks get away scot free and the good people died. I don’t believe in God by the way.

On that bombshell……stay safe (if you can be bothered!)

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