TradeShark Diary, 28th March 2020

Probably the dullest day that I have had for months.

I was contacted a couple of days ago by the agent of an American sports writer. He writes mainly about tennis and hockey. I assume ice hockey. They asked if I would accept a guest post and do a review of his new book about the Williams sisters. I get asked a lot if I will take guest posts. Usually they are from online casino sites and any articles have the sole job of linking to their products. The quality has always been dire.


I did accept and post one article many years ago. That was only because they agreed to pay a silly amount. It was before one of the slams. Nadal had pulled out but the article banged on about how he was likely to win. I also remember them writing that Feliciano Lopez was a clay court specialist. Class. I took their money and buried the article in my own content.

I received the Cecil Harris article last night. I read through it and posted it around 11 am. I tweeted a link to the blog post.

A couple of hours later I went to check my Twitter timeline and I have been suspended! It is supposed to give a reason but there is nothing. I have filed an appeal which can take up to 7 days although most results I have found on Google suggest it will be less than 36 hours. There was a spike of activity on the account between 12 and 2pm. I do use an app to check for people who I follow but who don’t follow me. I have been deleting them for a while. It only lets me do 100 per day so I thought the app was protecting me from breaking twitter rules.

I also use another app to schedule tweets. It does stop you posting identical posts within, I think, 48 hours. I thought that was also keeping me the right side of Twitter’s rules but perhaps I am wrong. If they decide I am at fault will they give me a warning or shut down the account permanently? It’s hard to know for certain.

There is always something!

EDIT: I mentioned the Twitter suspension in the Skype room just now. Apparently it could be because I used the word coronavirus in the url in the tweet this morning. Some platforms are checking that posts include accurate information.

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