TradeShark Diary, 28th May 2020

Not a great deal to write about today. Yesterday evening was eventful. The Ex of one of the neighbours pushed his way into her house, assaulted her and snatched their daughter. She had the foresight to start recording on her phone before opening the door. It is a really quite shocking video. Even if I had a copy I wouldn’t post it on here. He drove off with the kid on his lap. The Police took forever to get here but the short story is that the little girl was back home last night. He had called the Police and said that the mother would claim that he had been aggressive. When the Police caught up with him and showed him the video he didn’t have a leg to stand on.


When I got home from the dog walk last night I watched Boris being questioned by MP’s on IPlayer. I had intended on watching it live but missed it. I’m not a big politics fan but have taken more of an interest during the lockdown. I also wasn’t a big Boris fan although thought he handled the early part of this crisis fairly well. He has really blown it now with this Dominic Cummings farce. He and his government have lost a huge chunk of credibility. Watching him blatantly dodge questions last night was quite sad to watch. Maybe Cummings has a large dossier of dirt on the Prime Minister.

Today has been really quiet. Quiet in terms of not much being done. Quite loud at times with the Mensa Mong Dynasty screaming at each other in their back garden. At first I thought someone was being attacked, especially after hearing the screams last night. Then I realised it was just the Mongs. Real mental issues there.

It’s Sue’s birthday in a couple of weeks. It is also my Dad’s on the same day. I have ordered 2 presents for Sue from Amazon. I was going to send my Dad something but it was my Mum’s Birthday in the early part of the lockdown and it was all you could do to get a card delivered. She didn’t get anything else so I had better treat them both the same.

I saw on the news this morning that there will be a British tennis exhibition that will include Andy Murray. There weren’t many details in the report but I would imagine it will be at Wimbledon.

Stay safe.

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