TradeShark Diary, 2nd June 2020

Over the last couple of days we have had a bit of a problem with ants. We have been in this house something like 15 years or more and have never had ants. Two mornings in a row they have been all over the kitchen floor. None on the worktops and there were more of them in the corner by the fridge and the kitchen table. Sue hangs her work bag and also her handbag on the chairs in that corner. The first morning there weren’t as many so I hoovered them up. The next morning there were a LOT more. I made sure the dogs were shut in the living room and poured boiling water on them. The ants, not the dogs.

When Sue came downstairs I told her about there being more ants. She wasn’t paying too much attention. I asked her if she could check her work bag for bits of food or crumbs. I’m pretty sure she heard me though I didn’t see her check them. Last night before she went to bed she took her drink bottle that she takes to work from her work bag and put it on the work top next to the sink. I went into the kitchen a couple of minutes later and there were ants all over the work top and all over the drinks bottle. How could she not have seen that? The bottle was sticky.


I cleaned everything checking for ants and got rid of them all. I expected to see a load more this morning but I found just 1. It was clearly the drinks bottle that was attracting them. After the first morning of finding them I ordered some ant baits and ant spray from Amazon. They have arrived this afternoon. I don’t need them now but at least I will be ready for them the next time Sue leaves a sticky drinks bottle in her work bag.

I had another attempt at ordering some gravel for the front garden. It really shouldn’t be this hard. I can get some if I want to pay the best part of 200 quid. I don’t and even some of those companies require me to have a forklift to unload their truck. Do I have a forklift truck? You know what? I don’t think I do.

The companies who can deliver with a crane are out of stock. It’s been 2 and a half months! Surely everyone who wanted to do their gardens have done them by now! If I get just one more sarcastic comment from Sue about half a job I might just pay the 200.

We had a discussion about the BBQ. I’m a little surprised that she wants to go round there. She said that she hadn’t agreed to it. She kept with that story even when I pointed out that I had heard her agree to it at the weekend. She also let slip that the neighbour was wanting me to do the cooking. Yeah, nothing has been agreed.

I made an earlier than normal trip to Tesco. It was about 1 pm and the queue wasn’t bad at all. In fact when I had finished the shopping half an hour later there were 3 people in the queue to get in. I hope they keep this system a lot longer.

Sue has been stressed about an incident at work. One of the nurses can be a bit of a bully at times and had treated a patient badly and yelled at Sue and her workmate. She was also heard later telling another nurse that Sue and her colleague were not working well that day. Sue doesn’t handle criticism well at the best of times but I have to say when it comes to her work she is even more conscientious than me.

When she told me about it I advised her to report it. She would normally come up with a million and one reasons why there was no point reporting it but I got through to her this time. Then she spent another day fretting about whether or not she did the right thing. She fell asleep in the garden last night so I legged it for a bit of peace.

Stay safe.

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